Monday, 5 December 2016

Busting my gut!

I'm back! And I haven't been idle! Well not completely...

I have finally got around to painting my Gutbuster Tyrant. I love the detail on this model, so many small pieces of detail.

This is a model of many firsts for me. Some you may know but I'm very new to painting and the hobby in general, so I made this blog in order to show my progression. This model was my first attempt at flesh and while I would have liked to put another highlight, im just not confident enough to not screw it up yet. It was also the first time I've painted yellow (not easy!!). It is also my first time working with finecast, which I've found I both love and hate it.

It was definitely a fun model to paint and I look forward to getting started on my Butcher!

Thanks for reading!