Saturday, 22 October 2016

Time to bust some guts!

So I have been rather distracted as of late, however, I haven't been inactive. The last few weeks or so I've been contemplating the big leap of which army to start collecting and I came down to 3 (ish).

Firstly, always loved the Elves, Aelves, pointy ears, annoying...whatever you want to call them but due to (in my opinion) incompleteness of any of the (A)elven armies I just want to hold off for a bit, I don't think it will be too long (my guess is just in time for Christmas). I do like each flavour but I'm a bit more of a Wood/Wanderer aelf, High/Light aelf fan but I feel their army lists at the moment are lacking choices (although I did pick up some Glade Guard/Sisters of the Thorn which I'll be painting up at some point). Plus with the recent release of the Sylvaneth I think the Wanderers will be the last Aelves they do anything with, sadly! I know I could use compendium warscrolls but I just don't want to. I know they wont be around forever and that just puts me off. So choice 1 on hold, but definitely coming at some point.

My second choice was Nurgle. Never thought killing people through plague and pestilence could be so cool! I love how resilient these guys are - polar opposite to the paper Aelves - and they just look fantastic with all the boils and entrails... I was contemplating these guys (even writing this im convincing myself!) but again, these guys will be a later project. However, I do love the synergy and conversion possibilities these guys have with Chaos models. I would love to convert a Chaos Sorcerer Lord to look more afflicted with the plague and then there is the Skaven element. So many possibilities! But, also, on hold.

Thirdly, Death...I love the lore, the models are fantastic and I really like how well the whole alliance gels together, not to mention Blood Knights and Mourngul. Again, this faction really needs some love. So far its only the Flesh Eater Courts, which have such fun lore and great looking models, its hard not to like them but the rest is feeling slightly dated. I'm really looking forward to the Deathrattle and Soulblight factions being fleshed out (sorry!). So like above
, I'll be waiting for this one.

After much scouring through the Warscrolls I came across the Gutbusters. Now I've always admired these models and for someone still pretty new to the hobby, the low model count (hence cheaper) was very appealing. Not to mention, these guys are mean! I realise the Beastclaw Raiders and out and updated and those models are fantastic and I'm sure they will make their way into my force down the line but I was sold on the Gutbusting Ogors. I feel that while challenging, in capturing and holding points especially, I think it could be a great army to learn the game with, not too many models to manage but still touching on all elements of the game.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon an Ogre Kingdoms Battalion box a few weeks ago which is 840 points right there, I can see why people used to love this box!

In all honestly, I thought Destruction would be the last of the alliances I would choose but I'm sold...for now. I did just list all the alliances as a choice....

Time to assemble the tribe ready for war!

Watch this space!