Monday, 22 August 2016

Lord Celestant ready for war!

Hello there! So, I'm continuing to work my way through the Age of Sigmar starter set and got to the point where I could no longer look at him sitting there. I had to paint him!

I knew from the start he would be a challenge, considering it is only the third model I've painted. It was also extra challenging due to the fact I was using my new Anvils of the Heldenhammer scheme and there is surprisingly little out there to use as a guide. Having said that, I enjoy a challenge and there's a real sense of achievement in making your own choices and having to think about what colours work with each other, rather than just copying someone elses work.

Having been on the sidelines for so long, only really reading battle reports and lore/fluff, I must admit I was a bit concerned if I would actually enjoy the painting part of this hobby, because lets face it, it is a huge part of it. My fears were crushed under the rampaging feet of this Dracoth as I had a blast painting this guy, I couldn't put him down!

As daunting as it is to get started in this hobby, especially when you look at the standard of painting some people produce, it really is all about practise and picking up techniques. Having painted only three models I already feel a leap in confidence going into my next one from starting out. Numerous people have told me time and again to just keep painting, paint as much as you can and you will get there. So I'm going to stick by those wise words and keep on painting!

Thanks for reading!