Thursday, 11 August 2016

Liberating Painting

After years of procrastinating and watching from the sidelines, I have finally finished painting my first model. As ridiculous as this sounds its actually a very big moment for me. I have loved wargaming since a young age and especially Games Workshop ranges (as I'm sure most of us do) and with the new releases it just made sense for me to jump in and get started.

Recently, I got the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar starter set for my birthday (yay) and I've been slowly putting the models together - still having trouble with mould lines and how best to get rid of them, any tips appreciated! - then Games Workshop released the "Getting started in Age of Sigmar" magazine. Wow, this was perfect for me and I highly recommend everyone pick it up, new or seasoned player, as this covers all the fluff, rules and painting tips galore. Not to mention, a free Liberator which was perfect for me.

After building my Stormcast Eternals from the starter set, I was contemplating on a colour scheme and since I'm very new to painting I was hoping to have a test model, so this freebie was perfect! I followed the tutorial on Warhammer TV youtube channel and was quite happy with the results.

I really feel like, although I was following a guide, I picked up a lot of good information about painting and while I'm not entirely happy with the results (struggles of a perfectionist), for a first attempt, I'm happy. I made some mistakes and did struggle at points; highlighting is something I definitely need to work on and would love some advice on that.
I used the Agrellan Earth texture paint for the base, but since I knew it would crack I thought I would paint the base Mephiston Red underneath first, so it would show through, and I'm happy with the results.
Like I said, this is my first fully painted model and I would really appreciate some constructive feedback or comments.
 Happy painting/gaming!