Thursday, 28 July 2016

Board-ing the T(er)rain!

Hi lovers of all things miniature!

So I thought while I'm in the process of getting stuck into the hobby I would showcase some of the work I've done the last few months.

I thought I would start with my first gaming board. Now, this wasn't technically made for war gaming, I actually made this for my Nephew to play with his toy soldiers on (so not far from what we actually do anyway). He wanted a place to keep - and play- with all his army men and I thought I'd throw something together for him.

Got to start somewhere!

Please keep in mind this is my first attempt at anything like this, using a lot of methods which I haven't used since school and using bits and pieces I had lying about - so please be gentle!

There were several hiccups along the way, including my cat attacking the board! I found it very difficult to achieve certain effects I desired and I think parts of the project suffered due to that.

My cat was clearly not a fan!

I must admit, I really enjoyed the whole process and it's really inspired me to research scenery tutorials and pick up tips here and there for future projects. I also discovered there are some incredibly talented people out there who are true artists when it comes to creativity and design.

I would love to hear any comments, tips, feedback you might have for me.