Tuesday, 26 July 2016

An Awakening!

It's been far too long since I last posted (work has been hectic!) but now things are finally dying down so its time for me to get back into hobby! While I haven't been physically participating in the hobby, I have most definitely been keeping up to date with the new goings on!

Well, so much has happened in the last few months with the Season of War upon us, Sylvaneth(!), Bonesplitters, the General's Handbook and so many getting started packs. Games Workshop have definitely stepped up and are delivering at a level where they always should have - as industry leaders. Its a fantastic thing to see and as someone who has been on the sidelines for so long, this is nothing but a huge motivator to finally get stuck in (not that I needed much more convincing).

I'm very excited to see the direction Games Workshop are taking and I don't doubt that with the release of the General's Handbook, swathes of unconvinced players are now going to finally join the conflict that is the Age of Sigmar.

I, myself, have been somewhat busy, preparing if nothing else, to jump in. I purchased the Age of Sigmar starter box and have started building up my paints collection. I am still undecided which faction to go so I thought it would be good to brush up (yes I went there) on my painting skills by tackling the starter set and hopefully get a few games in - if I can find a willing participant! Expect to see progress on that front soon (including pics!)

Games Workshop products aside, I also received Zombicide Black Plague as a birthday present recently and I have played a few games of that. What a fun game! I'm looking forward to painting those miniatures in the near future!

What does everyone else make of the new releases and what gaming have you been up to?